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28 oz. Tufted Nylon with StainResist™ Technology Floor Mats
from the
Floor Mat Guys

Car and truck floor mats in our 28 oz. grade carpet consist of densely woven quality tufted nylon yarn with a color serged binding on the auto floor mats edges in your choice of thread color. We offer seven color choices for this mat which is highly suited for most custom applications. This is an upgrade from our 22oz and 28oz automotive floor mats. There are 7 luxury colors offered for this automotive floor mat and we can ship almost anywhere in the world. These auto floor mats are simply cleaned with soap and water as necessary and should give your car, truck, or automobile a beautiful appearance for years to come.
You get your choice of  mat color and:
Heel pad color
Heel pad placement (driver or passenger side both)
Serged edging color
Custom-designed Logos or pre-made logos
AND ...the following embroidery options:
Block or script lettering
All capital wording or just the first letter capitalized
Horizontal or Vertical lettering
Driver side and / or passenger side wording
Your pick of lettering thread color

The Floor Mat Guys'  allow you to design truly one-of-a-kind mats.
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- Choose from these quality floor mat colors -


707-Dark Gray




 For more information see frequently asked automotive floor mat questions.

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