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What is a custom-fit floor mat?
A custom-fit floor mat has been designed to fit specifically and perfectly to your vehicle's floor contour and specifications. They may or may not be identical to the OEM mats. We provide many designs not available from the dealers and their suppliers.
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When do I have to order for Christmas Delivery?
Orders received by December 10th will guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. We are still working on getting your Custom Floor Mats shipped to you as quickly as possible.
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Why order Floor Mat Guys' custom-fit floor mats?
Floor Mat Guys '  designs their floor mats to provide maximum coverage. We also use only the highest quality of products available in the automotive carpet industry in the production of our mats. We offer three different styles of carpet and many options to personalize your floor mats. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the floor mats guarantees that our customers will be delighted with their Floor Mat Guys' floor mats. 
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Does Floor Mat Guys' have a custom-fit floor mat for my vehicle?
We have over 4000 patterns available. Browse our on-line catalog to determine what we have to fit your vehicle. applications. 
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What if I cannot find my make, model and year?
If you cannot find your vehicle's information listed, feel free to contact us by email . We are highly qualified in producing special patterns created by our customers. In the past, we have provide custom made floor mats for golf carts, antique cars, farm tractor combines, boats, residential, offices and many other non-traditional applications.
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What style of carpet can I get my custom-fit floor mats in?
Custom-fit floor mats can be ordered from Floor Mat Guys in rubber and vinyl as well as four styles of carpet: 

  • Our 42-ounce Berber style - densely looped nylon yarn, a durable yet elegant carpet.
  • Our 28 oz.- A denser, deep continuous fiber, nylon pile, super soft, carpet, also available in stain-resistant.
  • Our 22 oz.- A lighter duty continuous fiber nylon style carpet at a more economical price

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    How are the edges finished?
    Floor Mat Guys' 22 oz. Continuous fiber nylon floor mats are finished in matching nylon mesh cloth tape. Both the 28 oz. Continuous fiber nylon and the 42 oz. Berber floor mats are finished in a matching serged yarn.
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    Will the color of the carpet match the carpet in my vehicle?
    Floor Mat Guys ' provides a wide range of colors in each style of our carpet :

    • Our 42 oz. Berber has 4 colors to complement any interior, 
    • Our 28 oz. Continuous fiber nylon has 7 colors to choose from, and our 28 oz. stain-resistant carpet has 7 color choices.
    • Our 22 oz. Continuous fiber nylon has over 16 unique colors available.  
    Rubber mats are available in 13 different colors. Regardless of the style you choose, we have a color to complement your vehicle's carpet. 
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    What type of embroidery does Floor Mat Guys offer?
    We offer block or Script style lettering which can be embroidered horizontally or vertically. Embroidery is available for the drivers side mat only or for both the drivers side and the passenger side mats. PASSENGER SIDE EMBROIDERY MAY ONLY BE ORDERED TOGETHER WITH THE DRIVERS SIDE AND IS NOT AVAILABLE BY ITSELF
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    What kind of backing does Floor Mat Guys' have on their floor mats?
    On all styles of carpet except our 28 oz. stain resistant carpet, we offer a rubber nibbed backing designed to keep your floor mats from sliding. The 28 oz. stain-resistant floormats come with a smoothed rubber backing that also provides non-slip security. 
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    What options can I get with my floor mats?
    On most mats, you can order embroidery, heel pads and/or grommets. Floor Mat Guys' provides embroidery services on any two-piece driver and/or passenger floor mats.
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    How do I clean my floor mats?
    Floor Mat Guys' floor mats will provide years of satisfaction with proper care. Clean the floor mats regularly by vacuuming them. Our mats can be washed with mild soap and water and hung out to dry to produce wonderful results. Do not wash the floor mats in a washing machine, it may damage the machine. 
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    How can I order mats for my vehicle?
    Just go back to the top of the Home Page and follow the step by step on-line order process under the  heading on the left hand side. Click HERE to go there now.
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    What forms of Payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa and Master Card. We also accept Money Orders.
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    When will I get my floor mats?
    Floor Mat Guys' custom floor mats are made to order and not pulled from stock. Each order will usually ship within 2-3 business days after order is placed excluding weekend and holidays. 
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    How do you ship them?
    We ship to the continental United States via UPS Ground. We ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Military Bases, Puerto Rico and Canada via Parcel Post. Shipping times are usually 4-5 days to both the East and West Coasts, 2-3 days or less to most areas in the Midwest. Typical time frame of receiving your order is within 10 business days of ordering them.
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    What do the shipping charges cover (Shipping, Customs)?
    The shipping charges cover the actual ground shipping of the floor mats. It doesn't include any extra charges like Canadian Customs Charges, Special Delivery Options, etc..
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    How do I track my order?
    Just send us an e-mail and we can tell where in the order process your custom floor mats are or if you have the UPS tracking number you can click on the tracking link on the Floor Mat Guys home page. Just plug in your tracking number into the form on the page that pops up when you click the tracking link.
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    Are Floor Mat Guys' mats Durable?
    We use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for all of our products. Wear due to normal use will vary with each individual. However, with proper use and care,  Floor Mat Guys ' floor mats should last you a very long time!

    What kind of warrantee do you offer?
    Our floor mats are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the date of purchase. 
    Upon receipt of defective merchandise, you must notify us within 5 business days of  your receipt of the order.&nbsp;
    If the item is defective due to a manufacturer's defect, we will assign you a R/A (Return Authorization) number. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT AN R/A NUMBER. Upon the receipt of your return, we will either correct the defect and return the merchandise or send you a replacement at our discretion. Wear for use or abuse is not covered under our warranty.

    For a complete description of our Customer Service Policy, visit our Customer Service Page. CLICK HERE to go there now.
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    What is Floor Mat Guys' return policy?
    At Floor Mat Guys we are fully committed to providing high quality custom-made floor mats. Because Floor Mat Guys   floor mats are custom-made to your specifications, we do not offer refunds.  We simply cannot resale them. If you have a concern about our products then just email us and let us know the problem. We will try to assist you as quickly and as helpfully as we can. If we determine that your floor mats need to be returned will will assign you a R/A (Return Authorization) number and a mailing address. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT AN R/A NUMBER. 
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