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Not Finding Your Vehicle?

Not Finding Your Vehicle?

If you are not able find your vehicle's make, model or year you may send us an email at
Please note the make, model and year in your e-mail and we
will help you find floor mats that fit your application. 

We also offer a kit for older and classic vehicles that will allow you to make a pattern which we will use to make your custom floor mats. We will mail you a pattern kit complete with detailed instructions which you will need to make a pattern of your vehicle`s floor, trunk or cargo space. You may then mail us back the completed pattern according to the kit instructions. We will then be able to make your custom floor mats once the pattern has been approved and your floor mat order is placed. We already have the patterns for most vehicle and most people will not need to make their own pattern.  We offer our custom pattern kit service for most vehicles.

Along with your Kit you will receive a $15 Gift Certificate that can be applied to your order.

There are no additional charges for Custom patterns, we only charge for the material used. We pride ourselves on Custom Fit Floormats for all applications.

To order a Custom Floor Mat Pattern Kit,
email us(Click on link above) or call our Customer Service Toll-Free Number (1-866-407-4795, (9am-4pm,PST)).


One Custom Floor Mat Pattern Kit Price: $20.00
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