22 oz Custom Fit Nylon  / 28 oz Custom Fit Nylon / 28 oz Stain Resist Nylon / 42 oz Berber / Custom fit Rubber / Custom Clear Vinyl

22 oz. Floor mats
Our 22 ounce plush nylon carpeted floor mats are a perfect way to maintain your car or truck's interior looking ne and refreshed. We custom make these floor mats to fit your vehicle from our more than 3,000 patterns, These mats are carefully manufactured to fit your car's specific contours exactly. They have a soft, dense feel that compares comparable to Original Manufacture quality. They will look terrific great and you'll love the compliments from friends and associates. They come in 16 luxurious colors and can be made for most American & Imported cars, trucks, SUVs & vans.  Made in the USA.

28 oz. floor mats. Our 28 ounce nylon floor mats are a heavier weight floor mat made from a sturdy continuous fiber nylon. This floor mat has a non-slip "nibbed" backing that helps stop normal mat movement. These are very high quality mats that can be customized with embroidery of your choice of personal text or the addition of logos. Our floor mats are individually made and fit to the front and rear carpeted area of your vehicle for a precise fit.  7 contemporary colors are available to accent your car or truck's original interior. Made in the USA.

28oz with StainResist Floor Mats StainResist® floor mats are available in our 28 oz. grade carpet. This mat consist of densely woven quality tufted stain resistant nylon yarn with a color serged binding on the floor mats edges in  your choice of thread color. We offer nine color choices for this mat which is highly suited for most custom applications. This StainResist® mat is an upgrade from our 22 oz and 28 oz floor mats. There are 7 luxury colors offered for this automotive floor mat and we can ship almost anywhere in the world. They are easily cleaned with soap and water and should give your auto a beautiful appearance for years to come. Made in the USA

42 oz Berber Floor Mats Our 48 ounce berber is constructed of a high strength nylon fabric that is tough yet elegant., The custom fit and stylish appearance ensure your satisfaction of this popular upgrade. Top quality berber floor mats wear well and won't fade. Berber mats have serged edges  with a yarn matching your mat color choice or another color of your choosing. Berber Floor Mats come in 4 colors and come with a rubber nibbed backing to avoid slip. Berber Floor Mats will reflect taste and quality in your car, truck or SUV. Berber Floor Mats are custom made for your most vehicles and are made in the USA.

Heavy Composition Rubber Floor Mats Our quality rubber floor mats are durable and provide that needed protection for your car's interior.  Snow, mud spills or beach sand are all reminders of why these floor mats are so popular. Our  mats can retain high amounts of sand, water or other liquids due a mesh of deep dimples on the surface of the mat. These mats look great and are custom cut to fit the exact shape of your car's floor area. and cover more area than factory mats The backside is configured with multiple nibs to assist in mat retention.  Rubber cargo mats and trunk mats are also available. Rubber mats are made in the USA and come in 13 vibrant colors.

Clear Vinyl Floor Mats Clear vinyl  floor mats from the Floor Mat Guys come in one color - CLEAR, if you can call clear a color. These custom fit mats are tough and meant to protect your car's original carpet or your beautiful floor mats. The vinyl nibs on the underside of the mats hold tight to the underlying carpet to keep that protection in place. These clear mats provide durable protection while letting the color of original carpet show through. Clear vinyl mats are available for all makes and models and are custom fit as are all of Floor Mat Guy's mats. They are made in the USA but we will ship them worldwide.

Seat Covers Floor Mat Guys recommends Seatcovers.net for your seat cover needs. We do not sell seat covers. We only provide high quality floor mats. This link is provided due to customer requests for a seat cover manufacturer that provides a quality product at a fair price. The link below will open a new browser window and take you to their web site.

Seat Covers