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About Custom Floor Mats

Floor Mat Guys gives you the best in high quality custom floor mats and the most variety available. Our selection of floor mat colors for your vehicle is exceptional. Custom fit floor mats by the Floor Mat Guys will be made to fit your vehicle's specific mat area space. Our custom floor mats have a sturdy high quality rubber backing that provides a secure way to hold your auto floor mats in their designated location - on your car's floor.

Our custom tailored floor mats offer you a protection your car may not be accustomed to. Every day your truck or car is exposed to potential damage from dirt, grit, moisture, sand, pets, and children. This damage can reduce the value and appearance of your vehicle. This damage can be avoided with Floor Mat Guys' truck floor mats or car floor mats.

Oh...by the way .... when we say custom floor mats ... that's exactly what is meant. CUSTOM!! Check out these fully customized floor mats.

22 oz Nylon Custom Floor Mats
22 ounce nylon fiber floor mats are available in 16 beautiful colors. Made from high quality 22 oz. continuous fiber nylon, they protect your OEM carpet from so many potentially damaging factors. Some of these include the sun, dirt, grime and stain damage. We edge our 22 oz. custom floor mats with a choice of thread color, with the choice of a serged binding. The back is a tough rubber backing that is nibbed to promote a non-shift surface backing for your car's mat.

28 oz. Nylon Custom Floor Mats
Our 28 ounce nylon floor mats come in 7 great colors.  A durable, custom tailored, high quality floor mat this is constructed from a sturdy 28 oz. continuous fiber nylon product. This is our standard up-grade. It will provide the protection your original factory carpet is crying for. No one likes sun fade, stains or other damage from everyday wear and tear to affect their factory carpet. Floor Mat Guys'  custom automotive floor mats solves this problem. 28 ounce nylon custom floor mats are  of course serged with a large choice of colors along the outside edge. Sturdy rubber nibs back the mat which gives you a non-shift quality in a custom floor mat that you will want to show off to the neighbors.

28 oz. Nylon Stain-Resistant Custom Floor Mats
A  high quality, durable, custom tailored custom floor mat constructed from a sturdy 28 oz. continuous fiber nylon product, specially treated to be stain-resistant. This is Floor Mat Guys' additional upgrade that provides peace of mind from unsightly stains on your beautiful new custom floormats. It also provides your original factory carpet protection from sun fade, stain damage and everyday wear and tear. As with all our custom floor mats, these  too are edged with serged binding in your choice of colors, and are backed by a heavy-duty rubber backing which provides a much desired, non-shift quality to your custom car floor mat. Our 28 ounce nylon stain-resistant custom floor mats are available in 7 beautiful colors.

Luxury Berber Custom Floor Mats
These luxurious 42 ounce Berber floor mats are the best we have. They come in 4 contemporary colors and look great in any ride. (Your Toyota will love you.) We all want our mats to look great, fit correctly and last a long time. For that reason, we offer these  Floor Mat Guys Luxury Berber custom floor mats. These mats are the highest grade floor mat we offer. Custom made with a very durable 42 oz. Berber material, this is Floor Mat Guys' recommended up-grade for upscale applications. This is the best way we know to protect your original factory carpet. And ...you guessed it, these luxury custom floor mats also offer you your choice of serged edging colors.

Rubber Custom Floor Mats
The elements as well as everyday wear and tear
can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s carpet. That's exactly why Floor Mat Guys offers our custom made Rubbertite custom floor mats. Our custom Rubbertite floor mats protect your car's carpet. Having been intelligently-designed with dimples to catch any outside elements, these Rubbertite custom mats are the best at protecting your carpet in your vehicle. Floor Mat Guys suggests this rubber application for any vehicle owners wishing to protect their car's carpet, especially those living in areas where snow is common. These custom rubber floor mats protect the original factory carpet of your vehicle.  Floor Mat Guys' Rubbertite automobile floor mats come in 13 colors.

Vinyl Protector Custom Floor Mats
Clear vinyl floor mats are very tough and extremely sturdy.
Vinyl protector floor mats keep your factory carpet, as well your carpet floormats look, and wear well. That's exactly why Floor Mat Guys offers and recommends our custom made vinyl protector car and truck floor mats, especially for your vehicle. The clear aspect of our vinyl floor mats will allow the original color of your carpeted interior to show through. Another great thing about our automotive vinyl protector mats is that they have a slim design. This slim design allows the least intrusion while offering the sturdy protection you'd expect with this type
of automotive floor mat. Manufactured in the United States, as are all of our mats, vinyl protector mats are a great peace of mind for any car, truck, and automobile owner.

Custom Embroidery Options
Embroidery options by the Floor Mat Guys'  helps you customize your floor mats to the style and look you desire. This makes them truly one-of-a-kind mats you can be proud of. Any phrase can be embroidered in any combination of options :

* Block or script lettering
* Driver side and / or passenger side wording
* All capital wording or just the first letter capitalized
Horizontal or Vertical lettering
* You pick lettering thread color
* Your choice of
Custom Logos or pre-made logos
* Pick the edging thread color
Heel pad placement on the driver or passenger side  (or both)

And ...there is more......

These durable custom mats are edged with a quality serged edging.  This finishing touch add style and beauty to your car floor mat. Don't forget that these custom floor mats are offered in a large variety of colors and  vehicle models. We have over 4000 auto floor mat patterns  that we use to  make your car's mats to custom fit your floor design. Each Floor Mat Guys' custom made floor mats are designed to exactly to your vehicle's mat space. This includes the cargo and trunk area. Custom manufactured cargo and trunk area mats can also be made. Just ask us for those too.

Got a older car, hot rod or fixer-upper? Early model cars cars from the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s are easy for the Floor Mat Guys. Most European cars of early and late models are also available. We can make custom fit floor mats for just about any vehicles. With over 4000 floor mat patterns, we can provide mats for PorscheBMW, ToyotaHondaMustangs, Jeeps, Dodge, Cadillac and more.

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