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Diamond Plate Floor Mats from the Floor Mat Guys

Custom Fit Diamond Plate Aluminum Floor Mats are a must for any vehicle.
Our Floor Mats are made from 3003-H24 (0.45 diameter) Diamond Plate Aluminum
with a high polish to look great in your vehicle.

Diamond Plate Floor mats

Diamond Plate Floor mats
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28 oz. Floor mats
28 oz. Floor mats
42 oz. Floor mats
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Installation Instructions for Diamond Plate Aluminum Floor Mats
Bending of floormats to fit your vehicle is done by Customer

Our Diamond Plate Floormats are cut to fit your vehicle. They are shipped flat to reduce the cost of postage packaging costs and damage during the shipping process.

You, the customer, will need to bend the mats to fit your vehicle floor.

The first thing you will need to know is where to bend your floor mats. The easiest way to figure this out is to take a tape measure and measure your floor from where there back of the mat will be to the beginning of the curve of the floor. If the curve of the floor is at a slight angle you can measure the left side then the right side of the floor. Sometimes if you have factory mats you can see where the bend has been worn into the mats. You can use this as a measurement as well.

Make a mark on the BACK side of the floor mats where the bend is on the right and left side. Use a straight edge to connect the markings into a straight line. You must first make sure you are aware of which way they install so that you do not bend the wrong side.

Next lay the floor mat face down on a table or work bench with a nice flat edge. Line up the markings or the line you made on the back side of the floor mats with the edge of the table. Hold the hold the floor mat firmly to the table as close to the edge as you can. Push down with your other hand on the part of the floor mat that is overhanging off the table. Keep the hand you are bending the mat with as close to the table as possible for a clean straight line. The degree of angle you bend doesn’t need to be exact as you can make some minor adjustments when installing into the vehicle.

Once your bend is made you can now install into your vehicle and see if you need to make any other adjustments. Because of the nature of the aluminum you may have to work with the floor mat a little bit to get it to lie down on the floor the way you like.

Hook and loop strips have been included with the floor mats to avoid slipping. These may not always be necessary if the contours and walls of the floor do not allow for any movement. Apply three on each front mat, and two on the rear mats. Your Floor Mats are now installed!

Maintenance is simple; just use soap and water to clean them. You can even take them out and hose them off. Because aluminum is a soft metal the floor mats will show signs of wear, and the high polish finish may begin to dull after time.

FloorMatGuys will not be responsible for any damage to any vehicle occurred with improper installation or use of this product. These floor mats shipped flat as noted on the product page of the FloorMatGuys website. We ship floor mats flat to reduce the cost of shipping, reduce risk of shipping damage, and to ensure that you get proper fitment with exact measurements for the bend. If the floor mats are damaged in the processes of bending or installing, FloorMatGuys will not be responsible for replacing them or issuing any form of compensation or refunds.
- View of Diamond Plate Material -

High Quality Polished Diamond Plate Aluminum

For more information see frequently asked Floor mat questions.

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